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We support organisations in their capability building endeavours through result-oriented interventions.

We also support individuals aiming to fast track their career growth by upskilling.

Backed by research
Designed with intent
Delivered with passion

Our Services

New Set-up OR Enhance existing Learning & Development team

Learning Roadmap / Program Design and Delivery

Leadership Coaching, Mentoring for Training Leaders, Capability Assessment

Provide pre-screened and rigorously certified trainers for employment

For Individuals

Looking for a Career in Training?

The Opportunity:

  • Hundreds of openings for trainers at junior / mid-level
  • Organisations willing to consider non-training candidates, provided they are certified

The Program:

  • First-of-it's-kind program - rigorous 50 hours Trainer Certification Program
  • Successful candidates get assured and fair interviews
  • Training conducted by Certified Master Trainers

This is NOT a Job Guarantee Scheme. Its an opportunity offering solid learning & a fair chance of selection

For Academic Institutes

Core Craft

Start of the academic year

At the start of their multi-year academic journey, students have mixed emotions. Optimism yet skeptical, energetic yet cautious.

The Core Craft program enables them to become self aware, understand the derailers, and kick-start their journey with greater confidence.


Spread across academic years

Haven't we all realized the importance of 'Soft Skills' in the real world? It is best to learn these during the formative years.

A learning journey spread over 6 months, and covers skills like Critical Thinking, Creativity & Problem Solving, Presentation Skills, Basic Emotional Intelligence, and more.

Best Foot Forward

Before Placement Season

It all boils down to Placements, right?

The Best Foot Forward program goes beyond typical GD & Interview preparation. It challenges the conventional mindset and bias and helps students regain their confidence.

Whole lot of practice, material and activities, & roleplays.

Boost your Institute's Brand through Management Development Programs

Earlier, Institutes offered MDPs which were mainly conducted by Faculty members. With focus towards offering a greater variety of programs, and leveraging real world experience of senior corporates, institutes are now also hosting MDPs conducted by external facilitators.

As an empanelled MDP Faculty with National Insurance Academy since more than 3 years, our Principal Consultant Mr. Atul Goel has delivered multiple MDPs for corporate participants – from India and abroad.


Dr. Archana Singh

Faculty Member (Assistant Professor)

National Insurance Academy, Pune

At National Insurance Academy, we lay a lot of emphasis on professional development. We have been associated with Mr. Atul since 2020 for conducting MDPs and skill building for PGDM students. I found his style and approach quite unique and creative. He goes beyond the theory and actively engages with participants. Participants enjoy his high energy in class. He has always delivered more than what we expected. He is a thorough professional, come well prepared with detailed training material and handouts, goes out of way to deliver value to the participants. He has been consistently top rated among our empanelled faculty members. It's always a pleasure to work with him.

We can support your institute to launch new and relevant MDPs

About Us

Follow us:

Atul Goel

“There's something in everyone's life that they are truly passionate about… something which makes them lose track of time. For me, it's human capability building through curated interventions.”

  • 20 years of corporate experience, 17 years in Learning & Development / Sales Training
  • International Training Leadership experience (India, Indonesia, Latin America & US)
  • Established internal Training Academy across 3 organisations, one of them being at global scale

Mr. Goel is the Principal Consultant at Transventions Global.

He is also an empanelled faculty for conducting MDPs with National Insurance Academy.

He has trained more than 50,000 participants across levels, certified more than 400 trainers and completed more than 700 coaching hours.

If You Want to Go Fast, Go Alone. If You Want to Go Far, Go Together - African Proverb

To serve you better, we collaborate with selected, highly experienced experts.


Creativity & Innovation Workshop for Senior Leadership Team

Core Skills Workshop for Sales Leaders

Creativity & Innovation Workshop for Senior Leadership Team

Core Skills Workshop for Sales Leaders


Vijay Sinha

Strategic Consultant

Ex-MD & CEO Navi General Insurance

“I highly recommend Atul Goel as a go-to person for Training and content related needs. With his creative ability, he effortlessly understands requirements and delivers exceptional content. Atul's insatiable hunger for learning and growth ensures that he consistently goes above and beyond expectations. Moreover, he is a person of utmost credibility and trustworthiness, consistently delivering on his commitments.

Atul's expertise as a certified Master Trainer is evident in his exceptional ability to develop trainers and cultivate a culture of continuous improvement. With his vast experience and proven track record, Atul possesses the skills and knowledge to drive impactful L&D initiatives. His dedication, expertise, and passion make him an invaluable asset for any organization looking to enhance their learning programs. I wholeheartedly endorse him as a consultant.”

Puja Kapoor

Global Senior Director - HR, OLX Autos - OLX Group


“Atul managed the Business Training portfolio for OLX Autos Globally. He is very passionate about his work. He is good in conceptualising and executing projects. He dives deeper to understand business levers and actively engages with global stakeholders to deliver just what is needed! He is also quite mature, focused and is always quick to act on feedback. It has been a pleasure to work with Atul. I highly recommend him for mid to senior level L&D assignments.”

Preeti Bhatia

Cigna Healthcare

Director - Leadership and Talent Dev., DEI

“Atul brings with him exemplary consultative skills to go deeper into understanding the need before getting into design and action. Yet he has the ability to be agile and turn around solutions in perfect time with efficiency. He is a good facilitator who personally invests in keeping abreast of new trends and market dynamics. Atul is always looking for ways to improve and innovate every learning intervention or project he undertakes; thereby focusing on the ROI of the efforts.  As a senior facilitator he manages both skill based learning as well as leadership interventions brining in relevant concepts and insights. His programs have always been engaging to the extent of inspiring participants into action. My experience working with Atul has always been of a successful project designed and well implemented.”

Gourav Poddar

Global Product and Operations Leader - OLX Group

Ex-Amazon & Infosys

“Atul is one of the finest Learning & Development professionals I have worked with. He has an incredible balance of concepts and practical implementation to help organizations achieve their goals. As a well-versed leader, he has worked across continents to build and lead teams. He successfully coached a fast-growing team and delivered results. Atul quickly understands strategic business requirements and collaborates with people and technology to make them happen. I have witnessed him adapt to changing requirements in a high-paced business, breaking them down and implementing them gracefully. His expertise in L&D is evident throughout his highly successful career, making him a subject matter expert. I highly recommend Atul for global consulting roles/services.”

Madhusree Dasgupta

Leadership Facilitator & C-suite Coach

Ex-Tata AIA, Max Healthcare & NIS

“I have known Atul for more than a decade and half. He joined my team as a Branch Trainer. He was the only person from the Pan-India Training Team selected for the Management Associate program in Hong Kong with AIA. After 2 years, he re-joined my team as Training Content and Strategy Head. In his role he had to conceptualise training roadmaps, lead a content creation team, train and certify trainers to ensure standardised delivery. He also delivered training to the senior audience himself.

As his supervisor what I valued most is his ability to conceptualise breakthrough solutions and then convert those into simple  implementable plans. Within or before agreed timelines. I have witnessed  him getting totally absorbed with his deliverables till the objectives are met to his satisfaction and standards, which is pretty high. So  I don't have much recollection of times when I had to follow up with him for anything. On the contrary many times he has followed up with me to ensure completion on time. I am confident he will be an asset in any team and organisation.”

Roberto Jose Villalobos

CEO - OLX Autos Mexico

Ex- Walmart & Amazon

“Atul is quite passionate and focused at what he does. During his visits to Mexico, he always looked deeper for business issues that can be addresses through training. His approach has been very customer centric. We were impressed by his ability to quickly forge relationships with key stakeholders and execute training projects. He is also quite good at showcasing the business impact through training. I gladly recommend his services for Learning & Development projects globally.”

Sudhi Sinha

Yes Bank

Business HR Head-West

“I strongly endorse Atul as a distinguished consultant and senior facilitator. His profound understanding of customer requirements, coupled with his adeptness in designing impactful learning strategies and crafting exemplary training modules, consistently delivers measurable business outcomes through his training endeavours. Furthermore, Atul demonstrates remarkable proficiency in training and nurturing the professional development of team members, thereby augmenting their skill sets. With his exceptional interpersonal abilities, he seamlessly engages with senior executives, fostering harmonious alignment and garnering unwavering support for organizational learning interventions.”

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For organisations looking to Set-up Learning & Development function

  • Let's face it - Training may be initially seen as an expense! However, if set right, it can add measurable value to your business.
  • We analyze your business, and help set-up your L&D function to support Your business (not the typical plug-and-play approach)
  • Processes, Learning roadmaps, Impact measurement, Academy branding, Trainer certifications, and more.

For organisations looking to further enhance / align their Learning & Development function

  • To stay relevant and continue the role of a strategic partner, the L&D function needs to evolve continuously
  • We adopt a surgical approach to identify and affect high impact areas.
  • It could be related to reviewing and revamping existing programs, creation of new programs, upskilling of trainers, and more.

Your employees deserve to have a structured learning path

  • We partner with you to understand your specific requirement and help create and deliver a progressive learning roadmap (function-wise / role-wise)
  • A blended roadmap that accounts for changing skillset requirement, and the need to prepare employees Today to take up senior roles Tomorrow.

Sales Training that really works, and gives clear measurable results

  • A successful sale is a by-product of right inputs (sales behaviours).
  • Building the right behaviours and mindset for Frontline Sales Team, helping Sales Managers to transition in the new role and adapt, and supporting Sales Leaders to look beyond and become true business owners.

Experiential Workshops, Offsites and Team-building Activities

  • There’s no better way to learn than while having fun! Our experiential workshops deliver serious learning while ensuring high energy and engagement.
  • High quality debriefs ensure deeper reflections, connecting experience to real life, and confident action planning.

Mid-level Leadership coaching

Mentoring for L&D / Training Leaders

Assessment Center / Development Center

Psychometric Assessment for Leadership Hiring, Succession Planning & Capability Development

The challenge organisations face today:

  • Low supply of candidates with prior Training experience who can fit the hiring budget.
  • Non-trainer candidates are being considered, but a few demonstrate ability to deliver training.

A Solution:

  • There are people currently in non-training functions – who IF given a fair chance, would love to take up a role in training. Such candidates are sourced, screened, and then put through a rigorous 50 hours trainer certification - conducted by Certified Master Trainers
  • For successfully certified candidates, Interview is assured with partner organisations, if there is location, language match and age criteria is fulfilled
  • This is NOT a Job Guarantee Scheme. It assures solid learning & certification with a fair chance to interview with the organisations